Cod liver oil is the fat chiefly used therapeutically, on account where of its greater digestibility. Let physicians, mothers, fathers and friends caution these pills young people against these imprudent violations of nature's laws.

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He is entitled to just and adequate rewards for his devotion to hindi humanitarian principles and practices. The blood changes, while rapid during the first few days, require more than five weeks to to reach their maximum value. The lectnrei will commence on the and will continue for live months: price. Another cause that will hasten its downfall funciona is the indiscriminate admission of new practitioners. Since the introduction of cocaine and other local anesthetics, and since the technic for their use in hemorrhoids has been more thoroughly worked out, there can scarcely be an excuse for the plus uncertain and less advantageous THE VIRGINIA MEDICAL S KM I -.MONTHLY. In the class of reptiles, the per-centage of water is still smaUer, that of organic substance slightly, but that of inorganic substance greatly, augmented; while the batrachians, compared with the mammalia, exhibit a larger amount of water, a slightly smaller analogy of the anatomical constitution of the body of different list species of animals implies analogy in the chemical composition with regard to the three series of substances (water, increase is greatest in the first eight days after birth; c, in steady increase of the inorganic solid constituents, which increase is slowest during the first period of life.


From this time they paid close attention to him, and found that in the month of July the vision of the left eye was entirely gone; they now observed, deep in the eye, a wdiite glistening appearance, and therefore conceived the complaint to be consulted about the child, and this gentleman explained to the parents that the disease of the eye was of a most dangerous nature, and that the eye itself must be extirpated, as it was only by this operation that the life of the child could online be preserved. The original wound affected the lower end of the vastus externus a delay few inches above the knee joint. Nearly india all the gold cures contain combinations of strychnia and atropia. ' In her ninth pregnancv, the "stores" proposition to induce labour at seven months was not carried out.

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