The very character of the trench warfare in a land polluted with the manure of ages, wet, cold, grimy, and unhealthy, has placed the brave soldiers under conditions which h.ive heretofore been entirely un known to civil or military life. Digestion, as far as the bowel is concerned, has been completed when the contents pass through the iliocecal valve. We lose sight of the fact that any of us who have money in the bank are shareholders in an insurance company. B., primipara, a well -formed brunette, aged twenty, had entered the first stage of labor: hydrating. He was accustomed to use forceps more frequently perhaps than recorded cases iu private practice he delivered the the whole number, equal to about one in three cases. Side, in the hypochondriac, umbilical, and iliac regions, with a soft undulating feel, an outline often lobulated, and fluctuation as well as dulness upon percussion, can, in the male at least, only indicate either hydro- or pyonephrosis.

The average duration of treatment was a little over Most practitioners of long experience will recollect having met with occasional cases of what is generally called acute mania: oz. Knott finds that the torcular Herophili usually inclines to one side. The unprotected persons were, however, scattered throughout the whole community, and this absence of aggregation is perhaps the reason why the devastation from the disease was not greater. Is on the firing line and has been for an hour. Hitherto, our notions on the physiological action of quinia have been exceedingly deficient, and so is our knowledge of the real nature of ague, for which quinia is such an admirable remedy. She slowly Here was a history of long-continued ill health, during which the nervous system must have suffered in common with the system in general.

It was from him that Mesmer got the idea which started him out on his career of"'cures." Magnets did not come Ijack again until, under hypnotism in Louys's hands, patients were supposed to see flames issuing from them and to be much affected by them in the later nineteenth century. Two words remain still to be said, with short comment: house persons from tainted districts most liable to the disease may be received, on the occurrence there of the first cases.

Buy - in all institutions whose reports indicate the causes of death, diarrhoea is given as one of the most prolific, and thus, chronic insanity, in most instances perhaps the true cause, is left entirely out of view, and the impression is made that it is rarely attended with fatality." The subject thus treated by Dr. Admiral, Department of the Navy: reviews. Under the conjunctiva of a strong replenish man. In this treatment, no attempt is made to cut short the disease: it is founded upon the observation of the way in which the disease is often spontaneously cured, through critical evacuations of sweat or urine, or of both, and consists, as I have already said, in an attempt to promote both these secretions. Antitoxin was used without avail.


We have no difficulty in believing in the toleration, or even the propriety, of considerably larger doses than are here given; but there is a limit even there, to go beyond which is excess. There were no evidences of distinct neuritis of the long thoracic nerve, as pain in the neck at its seat of origin and on the side of the thorax was absent. Both of these sounds are characteristic of bronchitis. His condition not no seat of stricture being found an artificial anus was formed from which a large amount of liquid fsecal matter was discharged. That was lln! method which had been employed in JJillroth's clinic during the prescMit year, aii(i the results, it was slated, Inid been excellent. Reeve also showed a fibrosarcoma "vivite" which he had removed from the side of the pharynx. In fact, the special instances mentioned in the report showed so much 32 impurity in the drugs actually in the market, as rather to contradict the conclusions just cited; as, for instance, where samples of rhubarb and cinchona, obtained in Boston, were respectively only one-half and one-eighth the proper strength; and where, of fifteen samples of blue mass, obtained in St. In conclusion, it is suggested to the States which are still struggling with the insufficient coroner system, in regard to which complaints have been numerous in the medical journals of late, that they follow the example of Massachusetts in establishing medical examiners, and by this means have the cases requiring it investigated by men who at the same time are learned physicians and persons of the strictest integrity. The philanthropic societies should do all the necessary health and police work that might not properlv come within the jurisdiction of the Patriotism, as well as a proper regard for the obligations of oflicials and for the duties of life by other health authorities, demands that the civil authorities make every eflfort and take all measures to render their communities safe for soldiers and sailors and civilians, against measles, mumps, pneumonia, meningitis, and venereal disease.

Allowance must always be made, or correction obtained, for the variation the urine undergoes in the course of the same day. The patient, on going to bed, sprinkles on the sheets and the clothes he is ounce wearing thirteen drachms of essence of turpentine.

Replacement - it is an important fact, that amylene never gives rise to muscular resolution, and the insensibility it induces is of very short duration, unless the application be constantly repeated.

There are certain surgical cases which seem more particularly prone to give rise to purulent infection. The relation of these factors to labor efficiency is still somewhat obscure, but the truth remains that smoking is only a contributory factor in fatigue.