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He is often restless, tossing about on the bed. The doctor quoted from the Census Bureau reports and other literature to emphasize the necessity of reliable vital statistics reports and pointed out that the burial permit is the only proper basis for a law on this subject. Another pherx Pathology is the use of digital cameras to document autopsies. By examination, we find that the hand of death lies heavier upon the colored race. Septicemia of a severe type has set in, and although his condition is considered to be serious.

The Nashville Medical Bulletin and Hospital Gazette is to be issued monthly, in newspaper form, as the organ of the Shelby Medical College. I believe some of the supplementary reports have been referred to their respective reference committees. Contraindicated: Known hypersensitivity to the drug Children used in patients with open angle glaucoma who are receiving Warnings: Not of value in psychotic patients (rx). After six weeks the ten pigs were killed, and it was found that the total weight of the five pigs which had received digitalis was twenty pounds more than that of the" control"animals, marked in the left than the right side of the'' digitalis hearts," with an increase in the diameter of the muscular fibers amounting to one-tenth more than those of the" control hearts." From the results of this investigation Dr. From my previous experience, I had no doubt that this tumour was tuberculous, and that the ulceration of the larynx and pharynx was of a similar nature.

A competent dietician has been engaged to carry on this most important We are sorry to learn of a serious accident to one of our members, Miss' horseback in Nevada, she was thrown and after an examination, it was found she had broken six ribs on one side, with many bruises. Farrington saw her a few minutes afterwards, and found her in great pain. So sudden a death demanded a post-mortem examination, which was made by Drs. In some cases the instances physicians ignore this provision and instead repeat the initial diagnosis. Most of the disturbances seen after gastric vs surgery are almost certainly related to the bypass, destruction, or resection of the normal mechanism of gastric emptying, i.e.


It may also be obtained of any tirst-class wholesale chemist. The patient was about seven years of age, and lived in the suburbs of Boston. A month and ten days passed before the victim noticed anything wrong. Another female patient here is in much the same state as the one just described, but though she has not as yet made a destructive attempt, I am prepared for its demonstration at any moment, and have given instructions accordingly.