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There are certain cases of incontinence which depend on structural disease of the spine, the presence of ascarides in the rectum, phimosis, preputial adhesions, amazon etc.

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In chronic and intractable disease, such as epilepsy, two points, beside sufficiency of dosage, must be observed, namely: first, that the blood must be kept evenly and continuously charged with the bromide salt, a result which, considering tlie comparatively' rapid elimination of the salt, can only be secured by giving the daily allowance in at least three doses, whereof the evening one, having longer to last, should be larger than the others; and, secondly, that the medication must not be too speedily discontinued after apparent cure of the malady, but, on the contrary, must be kept up for months, and even years, thereafter.

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When necessary to elucidate the text, illustrations will be furnished without cost to Subscriptions may begin at any date (buy). For a long time the view has been prevalent that the harmfulness of air contaminated by the accumulation of the gaseous products of contact respiration is due to a toxic action of such products.