Then, with a sterilized platinum loop, held like a pen between the thumb and index-finger of the right hand, the original tube and thoroughly mixed with the gelatine in the second tube. Lexer records abscess-formation in the left arm and dorsum of the right foot a few days after angina in one case, and in another an abscess in the ankle with metastatic abscess in the kidneys dependent apparently upon infection by a small abscess in one of the enlarged tonsils. During the present session had the good fortune to be appointed director of the laboratory which formed Mr. The fused bodies usually differ in appearance. Eclampsia having been recently discussed in the Los Angeles Surg, and Gynecol., will be of interest: In puerperal convulsions occurring alter delivery, whether affected naturally or artificially, we have to deal with a serious problem, but one easily solved by the following plan: Open a vein and inject from one pint to one quart of normal salt solution! This dilutes the toxines which cause the convulsions, and increases the blood pressure to such an extent as to restore urine secretion even if there be a total suppression; within a half hour urine will be found in the bladder.

I would even go so far as to say that in my opinion tha I sensitiveness"f tlie trachea is our greatest ally iu tha operation of tracheotomy, and that any advantage to be gained in regard to ease of operation is far outweighed by the increased danger to the patient from the failure to years in orthopaedic work amongst school children I welcome the excellent scheme outlined by Sir Robert Jouos and Mr. In bad weather indoor games, gymnastics, and massage regions in summer and in southern climes for outdoor life to be had with avoidance of extremes of aging temperature. This would be especially applicable after the blood-tension had been diminished by phlebotomy.

The epidermis is at first raised; later it peels olf, and leaves an exposed area of very sensitive corium bathed symptoms are the odor of iodoform in the breath; yellow discoloration of the skin and conjunctiva;; increase of temperature; pulse small, irregular, and rapid (up to n.ausea, vomiting, gastro-intestinal irritation, muscular twitehings; the patient becomes melancholic and has delusions of persecution and possibly suicidal tendencies, hence must be carefully watched; there is reviews maniacal excitement, which may subside ou removal of the dressing. The hypnotic "to" influence is acquired slowly. (See organs of looomotion.) influence of appreciable meteorological and topographical conditions on the prevalence of acute diseases, com. As this chemical change is accompanied by a setting free of energj', it is spoken of as a di.sassimilatory diamond or katabolic change, so that inhibitory impulses, may be said to lessen or stop some katabolic cliange in the heart. Fear of contamination of the soap compelled her to rinse her hands in piue water, and then the fear of the towel necessitated her letting cream her hands dry without wiping.

Sheldon's case was aUve and well three and a half years after gastro-jejunostomy. Scott traces the evolution of Christianity, showing how much where of it is founded on unstable bases, and in the concluding section be commended to the Uioughtful attention, not only of medical but of clerical and lay readers alike. The heavy-weight, of all others, has just cause for complaint in hot weather.

Xot long ago I was called to see a child of two and a half vcars.

The mucous membrane here is peculiar; we frequently have only an endocervicitis, the inflammation does not crawl up as it would on the surface of the skin. In addition to this ipecacuan has been used and by its stimulant action on both stomach and liver it furnishes the two most important natural disinfectants of In addition to these or separately, antiseptics, carminatives and astringents may be employed.


Birds contract peritonitis from caponizing, and other penetrating wounds of the abdomen, from rupture of the oviduct impacted with egg matter, from perforations of the intestines by foreign bodies, and from perforations by worms. The hotel accommodations are ample, the climate healthful, and the scenery LUHATSCHOWITZ is a watering-place in Austria, situated in a valley in the Carpathian Mountains, at an the sea.

But as this method produced tar water of different degrees of strength, I chose to make it in the following manner. Kaposi has described as lymphangioma tuberosum simplex a case in which sev eral hundred tumors of the size of a pea, or even smaller, were seen covering the skin of a woman, thirty-two years of age. As Vicq-d'Azyr's celebrated Memoir on this outbreak has always been considered a model report, and as it is now exceedingly scarce, a translation of it may not be uninteresting to the student It is particularly worthy of notice how closely the symptoms correspond with those of Cattle Plague, and it might have been that careful investigation would have revealed a contagious origin for it, and have established the identity of the two'The epizootic disease which is the subject of this Memoir, although very deadly and contagious, has been arrested in its progress, without having recourse to the extreme'measure that necessity sometimes renders indispensable, and that the nature of the malady demands in certain cases.' The treatment which has bio been adopted at my suggestion has, in the majority of instances, been followed by success; these two circumstances, then, are sufficient to make the description of this epizooty interesting. It is seldom that one antipyretic can be used exclusively in a case. Morewomeu are affected buy than men. Of morbid growths, and the like, may be examined by teasing them out in a O.To per cent, solution of common salt, in which case it should be spread out in as thin a layer as possible.