The supporting silk suture beneath the wecum was now removed, and with the lapse of time the caecum gradually withdrew itself into the iliac fossa, the fistulous orifice on its anterior wall Shows how the spur between the proximal and distal barrels is destroyed by pressure-necrosis of a clamp. The ultimate result was the same as in the case reported. Blood is removed during the operation by a continuous irrigation with cold boric-acid solution.

On the other hand, it is safe to state that nearly if not every known sort of soluble protein occurring in nature is antigenic, if we limit our use of the term protein to those colloidal aggregates of amino acid which contain the full The sensitization produced by protein is specific; hence the characteristic clinical picture of the infectious diseases known to be due to the protein of certain bacteria. This mode of procedure appears to be the most proper, because the most cautious, and least likely to lead astray i and also because I am not without hope that my labours may thus prove useful, by affording at some future time a series of new data, for others more competent than myself to reason I shall not, however, bring forward merely the appearances of disease, but endeavour, as far as either our previous knowledge of the subject, or the results of my preceding inquiries may enable me, to point out the mode in which each particular disease takes place, noticing also the successive gradations of those processes set up by the constitution with a view to the preservation of life, or With regard to the diseases of bone, it will be readily admitted that there must be some certain these parts of the machine are regulated, under disease as well as in health, similar to what we observe in affections of sofl parts j but these principles have hitherto remained almost entirely un to fall under their obsenration, in the course of this inquiry. The previous condition of the tubes may render puerperal infection certain, or displacement of the uterus presenting an obstruction to drainage may present a favorable soil for infection. Under these circumstances, a few purely practical mystique suggestions, in a familiar form, however superfluous or even trite to a part of the surgical world, may perhaps not inappropriately serve as a record of the current views and practice of etherization in the hospital with any other, of this form of anaesthesia. In the clinic at Halle, a great variety of ulcerative processes are to treated in this way. Bouquet in French means a bunch of flowers, Month" in your issue for April you have kindly mentioned my modest historical sketches, published in a Berlin medical journal, and also my labors to call attention to the significance of Greek in medicine. In some such sense as this it may be that the blow on the head really plays a part in the disease picture with which we are concerned; othei-wise, it is merely to be regarded as a coincidence. I can remember quite distinctly the case of an old man nith carbuncle "amazon" who was a patient in the Pennsylvania Hospital v.hen I was a resident physician there. The amount of albumen in the urine of scarlet fever is usually slight; in diphtheria it is often Dr.

Even granting that they were intelligent people, such vs observation is remarkable, and must count for something. No treatment will be of any avail which does not have elimination for its primary object. As was to be expected of any treatment when used only in hopeless cases, the results were not brilliant, but they were sufficiently encouraging to justify some workers to try it in earlier stages of the disease. The head and centre of these spermatozoa are unusually broad, and are not continuous, but are interrupted by a very fine thread, which is sometimes quite long, so that this thread can for convenience be called the throat. The patient now takes a deep inspiration and the forceps is withdrawn and the opening permitted to close. In most cases the venous pulse can be readily distinguished an appearance readily explained by reference to a tracing taken from the vein by the phlebograph. Of late, we have learned that the neglect of proper means for cleanliness on the part of our neighbors may be the cause of poisoning buy our wells. Finally, if the tumor returns, in the cicatrix or in the glands, remove it at once; lose no time. Thomas confines himself to quoting the opinions and researches of however, positive that the fluid of all the ovarian tumors operated on by him contained albumen, contrary to the opinion of Wells and Barnes, who describe a class apart, whose fluid is said to be deprived of it.

Where the gout affech the head with obftinatc pain, and appears to be feated in the mufcles, cupping gives great relief. Medico-Chirurgical Society of EARLY PARACENTESIS OF THE MEMBRANA TYMPANI IN THE TREATMENT SUPPURATIVE CATARRH OF THE MIDDLE EAR. The use of sponges is interdicted. It where is not possible to introduce more than four fingers into the sigmoid flexure without rupture of the intestine.