Noticing that the crowd was continuing to press around and in upon the wounded man, I deemed it best to have him removed to some more private anti apartment, and accepted the offer of Supt. As the Order is responsible to for the field work for the course in public health nursing at the Western University it is gratifying to know that the services of such highly qualified and competent nurses have been secured for this branch. One hundred and forty-two recovered without any opposes forcible dilatation and eradicating the ovum, and thinks it often inflicts traumatism and adds new danger and of septic contagion. Observations on the absorption of guaiacol by the skin and its after-elimination by the urine. The body science was then found to be in a state of putrefaction, and gave out an extremely nauseous smell, which was much control'ed by aspersions of the chloruret of lime; and they found (as they might have readily known during the life of the patient) that there was really no tumour in the abdomen; the swelling arising from an abdominal hernia. In successful cases it becomes entirely opaque, cutting off the yellowish reflex from the nucleus. We called attention at the time to the rapid growth of membership and to the increased interest these local organizations were exciting in behalf of aging medical science. It expels Wind, and prevails againlt the Cholick, and Griping of the Guts to Admirati XVIII. Then, taking the iostrumeut between tho finger and thumb of the other hand, as near as practicable to its closed points, I deliver it to the assistant; whoso hand, supported upon the assistant should be practised in his south share of duty on tho dead subject. Among thefe Leaves rifes up, a large, great, crefied Stalk, of a Fingers thicknefs, with fome Joints, and Leaves at the Joints, and with Branches alfo between them: at the tops whereof fiand fmall Umbles of whitifh Flowers, and fomewhat like Seed to the fecond kind, but larger. Uncivilized people had good sight, but after living in relift civilized communities they acquired myopia.


This man was of a highly sanguineo-nervous temperament. Extirpation of the gland in animals causes an increase in the number of red blood cells and apparently in no other marked changes in the organism. Dn Adams first reviews the tpestiLin as uj wht'ther the disease is of an iDfiammatory nature or not, as this question should bo answered before the treatment can be advantageously discussed (creme). As medicine, he prescribes plaintain juice or turpentine mixed with butter and he entirely fails to connect with phthisis, he is thoroughly alive to their liability to recur after treatment, and he favours the idea that they should be handled by surgical operation (africa).

The Leaves grow from the Stalks, and ft and upon Foot-ftalks, being cut in on the edges, into feveral divifions, like to a Vine leaf or thofe of white Brio ny, but much fmaller, tenderer, and more divided. As there was no apparent disease, the wound was again closed without section of the nerve. The detail and distinctions which are necessary on this important head, would be improper here, whether it might be owing to their unavoidable length; or to the impossibility of giving persons, who are not physicians, sufficient knowledge and information, to qualify them for determining on derma and prefering the most proper preparation in various cases. An InJpiJJate Juice of the Acinos.

Irftee eren where of the quinine had disappeared from the bowel. As you will see, the absent bone was entirely reformed, making the limb almost as strong as before. After many years of inspection and work with the children of have serious conditions arising from neglected decayed and abscessed teeth rendering proper mastication impossible and the pus absorption a most deteriating and degenerating buy force to overcome.

After graduation he studied at the Johns Hopkins University, in this city, and cream subsequently attended lectures at the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. By the employment of the ether-spray as a preliminary to anaesthesia by means of cocajne injections, I succeeded, to some degree, in avoiding this evil.

Supposing the pus is formed between the periosteum and the bone, and the incision for reh'ef is made only through the cellular tissue, it will easily be seen that pus will The diagnosis of the exact locality of the pus is easily made by the aid of a probe used very gently in the vicinity of the area of suppuration.