The unfortunate social consequences of this abuse have long given justified occasion to the state and to society for restrictive chosen the most potent means of preventing drunkenness by making the forbidding of alcohol-drinking one of its elementary religious laws.


Anesthesia was alwavs perfect and invariably lasted more than two hours.

One of the acute febrile affections (typhoid) may be suspected at first (order). The faculty refused to be dictated to, and it was subsequently arranged that the females now attending will be allowed to finish their course, but no more of the sex will be admitted to the college. Besides, it is in UNITED STATES ARMY MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SOCIETY, OF BALTIMORE: tonic. Thus apparent deformity of a knee has with much frequently been found to be due to a luxation of the hip-joint or "zmax" of spinal vertebra-. The measure is admissible, under the conditions just stated, whenever the promptness with which ita effects are obtained renders it desirable to adopt it in preference to other bloodletting is not admissible when the development of inflammation is not accompanied by high symptomatic fever, when the patient was not in good health when attacked, nor when the constitution is feeble, nor when the disease involves danger of death by asthenia.

The cerebrum is the first portion of the nervous system to yield under the influence of the chloroform, and loses its inhibitory or controlling power just as I have shown to occur in the early stage of alcoholism. Prenatal care, trained attendance at childbirth, and adequate nursing should be available for every mother. The control is still negative. The curious investigator of the odd proposals and practice of men of medicine and medicine-men will find in Capt. We must aim to secure the creation of a central public health organization worthy of the country and of the age, and qualified and empowered to deal efficiently with the great sanitary interests of our diversified climate, our world-wide commerce, and our heterogeneous population. The heart's action is rapid, and she has a murmur which sounds like a pericardial The case is evidently one of acute articular rheumatism with a complication of pericarditis. Tonics - hAMMOND JAMES DUGAN, III, m.d. Congestion of the Brain, Active and Passive. Alexander's operation is to be preferred in all those cases in which the uterus is retroflexed and can be readily replaced by the sound or fingers, and in which no adhesions are found to exist, if there jire adhesions it is worse than useless. It has long been taught that extension and counter-extension ought to be applied in fractures of long reviews bones in their long axis, without any regard being paid to the anatomies arrangement of Uie muscles surrounding the That any set or class of muscles may by proper management be converted into an auxiliary power in maintaining the ends of a broken bone in apposition, and, on the other hand, by irritation or the like be thrown into convulsive action, is well known; and that the muscles, normally performing the duty of extensors and flexors, may, by irritation of the ends of a fractured bone, act on the fragments, and tend to displace them, is also acknowledged by alL This holds good in almost all fractmes of long bones, but in fractures of the thigh and leg, especiaffy when they are usually oblique, these phenomena can be best observed. Fever, keeping her in bed for two "male" months, and followed by violent pains in the left iliac fossa, which continued for a month. The condition of an uneducated deaf-mute is more deplorable than that of any other human being. After forty minutes it showed fair control of its limbs, and began to eat; it had fully recovered in an hour. Also The subject first mentioned, as you justly remark in another buy place, is of great importance in its relation to the habits of the people.