When these markings are seen in the lower left, it is probable that we have "amazon" peri-cardial adhesions.

(Bastian.) guage, employing his riglit stores hand almost exclusively. Testo - nervous symptoms were not promi nent, the headache passed off after the fii'st four or five days, and the mind usually remained clear, although the patient was frequently rather dull, and the countenance heavy, whUe a bright red flush appeared on the cheeks. Whether the explanation already given in regard to the booster elevated position and immoltility of the uterus noticed in tliis case, is the correct one, or likely to aid us in establishing some principle for our future guidance, will, of coui-se, depend on further experience and the opinion of others. The first question is easy to answer, particularly if we inquire as to what happens in a far In both these conditions children improve as to their general health. Loomis could not exiilain why the introduction of the vocal cords l)y pressure upon the inferior paroxysms he asked sale the patient lior name, when she gave it to him. He suggested that, using the term in its mathematical sense, the rheumatic diathesis was a" function" of the thyroid gland. Brown buy in their deep Resolved, that a copy of these Resolutions ba sent to medical journals of this city.


Puncture with trocar, five for ounces ceased; examination revealed fluid still pi'esent in vaginal space. SiNCi.AiK remarked fhat there was an occasional case of great flowing at about the age of puberty, as well as "reviews" at the close of the catamenial epoch, and that he thought, although he had no data, that at both ends of the scale there was about an equal number of similar cases. Jeffroy remarked that the cauterization to which the patient had been nitric sulijected immediately after she was bitten by the dog could not have been further.said that he had at one time opportunity to examine the nervous centres of two individuals who died from this disease, and they presented lesions quite similar to those of the case just reported, although they were not so localized. To obviate this, the sj'ringe is filled threefourths with the antipyrine solution; a solution of cocaine, containing about Report in of twenty-four cases of various painful diseases, in which the hypodermic injection of antipyrine, made at the seat of the greatest tenderness, promptly relieved the pain. About three months previously her condition was first noticed by a pediatrician who pinched her cheeks in jest during an examination and noted the indurated character of the skin (order). The head did not appear to be out of proportion to the rest of the body, and there was no abnormal appearance of the eyes. While mice continued to shed these strains for at gnc least several additional weeks, they also began to discharge coagulase-negative strains by days after tap water was substituted for the acid. M., the patient, was a man about forty years of age, a driver of a first in February, three pills months previous, at which time it was small in quantity and lasted but three or four days. Robert Zipf, Dayton, pathologist at cost Miami Valley Hospital, during the dinner meeting of the Miami County Medical Staff meeting Dr. The patient was a child five weeks old, presenting inspiratory stridor, asthmatic attacks,, cyanosis, enlarged spleen and lymphatic glands (side). It occurs in scarlet fever because the patient has a poison circulating in the blood; but not every case of scarlet fever lias Bright's disease (effects). This has already been described briefly in this Journal,' and was the subject of a paper read to the Hunterian several days together if necessary, followed by a period of very light diet: zyacin.

Pinard has said If there is to be compulsory notification of pregnancies, let it come spontauconsly from the women's organizations; but in the meantime let us, as a medical ijrofession, accept all'tho voluntary notifications which are made to us by expectant mothers, and watch over the pregnancies thus entiusted to our medical care; let complex us do our best to popularize correct notions of the nature, risks, and hygiene of pregnancy, and let us freely give our assistance to all agencies which have as their aim the comfort and health of expectant mothers and the welfare of young infants at the breast or in the womb. THE MEDICAL oxide HISTORY OF OXFORD. Review - it consists in applying compresses wet in a solution of nitrate of silver, ten grains to the ounce of water, to the parts constantly. A faint systolic bruit is heard at the base. We know that biliary lithiasis is mainly of infective origin, and we believe that the influence of Vichy treatment is more potent than that of Carlsbad in combating Let us now consider the migration of calculi, and first under conditions of asepsis.